01 Mar 2015

March 2015

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The proliferation of new technologies over the last few years has resulting in some organizations losing their marketing strategy focus.   Prioritizing your marketing activities is extremely important.  The new marketing channels that have developed over the last few years can play a very important role in your company’s communication and demand generation strategy.  However, the following activities should remain at the top of your plan:

  1. Utilize research efforts to understand your customer’s wants and needs;
  2. Assess how your product or service satisfies the desires of your target customers;
  3. Develop a clear, concise and targeted message for your key customer segments;
  4. Invest in and cultivate well-developed customer relationships

With strategy and knowledge in your pocket, you will be well prepared to utilize the most appropriate communication and demand generation channels — both online (website, mobile ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and offline (radio, TV, brochures, etc.) to reach your key targeted customer segments.