Customer/Player/Client Research

Customer/Player/Client Research


The relationship between your organization and a player/customer is 1) perceived by the customer 2) influenced by the interactions with your organization and 3) measured against the customer’s/player’s expectations. If regularly monitored and focused, positive player/customer experiences result in higher player/customer acquisitions, loyalty and retention.


A positive player/customer experience creates a satisfied customer; a “consistently” satisfied customer becomes a frequent purchaser and loyal customer; an intense feeling of loyalty to a business often motivates a customer to recommend (promote) an organization’s products or services to friends and/or colleagues. Revenue generating and the highest form of marketing – “word of mouth.”


Dividing players/customers/clients into like groups based on needs or characteristics. This process assists the business in developing a product/service suite that is best suited for this specific segment or group of customers/clients. A hierarchy of segmentation can be created based on customer need, spending (frequency, recency, and amount/value), product selection, channels of distribution, or preferred communication methods.