Athena Strategic Marketing was built and operates under the philosophy that an organization’s decisions are most effective, have superior implementation and deliver the greatest success when there is an in-depth understanding of the customer, market and competition. This knowledge is the foundation by which all the detailed strategies and plans are created. ASM working closely with your organization will secure the knowledge needed to ensure your investment in the most effective and desirable programs that achieve optimal results.

Marketing Process Flow

Mktg_Process_FlowASM values an intimate understanding of the organization’s goals, customers, market and competition. Leveraging this knowledge ASM working closely with you, utilizing as many or as few of your internal resources as you desire, will develop and implement the strategies, tactics and tools most beneficial to achieving your organization’s goals.

“Our client’s success is our number #1 priority.” – Candace Lucas, President & Chief Marketing Officer

ASM understands that delighting customers and creating new and ongoing relationships leads to an organization’s success. That’s the business relationship ASM guarantees each of its clients.